Sunday, May 1, 2016

Stains? No problem!

That title seriously sounds like something Monica from FRIENDS would say. Wish I could say I'm sorry about it.

So anyway, I bought this bralette right before the Melanie Martinez concert about a month ago, and needed an all white one. It was cheap, obviously, since it's from Forever 21. So when I noticed, the second time I was going to wear it, that it had some light blue looking stains on it, I had half the mind to toss it.

We all know I am not a fan of throwing clothes in a trashcan, so I thought of a solution. I really liked the idea of embroidering white on white to keep the possibility of wearing this with what I bought it for. So I decided to do some french knots, lazy daisies, and a satin stitch rose over the stains.

Good as new! And if you can google or use Pinterest, you can pretty much learn to do these stitches! Freshen up some cardigans or cover some unwanted blemishes on something you were going to throw out!

An "actual" refashion will be up on the blog next!

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