Thursday, May 5, 2016

Plaid Nightmare to Plaid Pinafore - Vintage Refashion

I found this dress back when I was searching for the Africouture refashion. I loved the plaid. It made me think of kind of 90's grunge/punk-ish. I wasn't sure if I would figure out something to do with it, but I thought what the hey! I'm glad I picked it up! This is definitely more of a refashion for a specific taste, but I hope y'all like it!

It was too long and the v-neck was so low the arm holes didn't even kind of work and it made the waistline too far down.

I obviously kept it oversized. I liked the almost baby doll feel it gave the dress.

Run down:

  • I took the shoulders up a couple inches to fix the waistline issue
  • I left the arm holes oversized to create an oversized pinafore style
  • Chopped off many inches from the bottom
  • Created a new shirt hem
  • Changed out the buttons to black modern ones
  • Chopped up an old belt
  • Sewed said belt to the back of the dress to give an option to cinch and create more of a halter if desired
In the first picture I have the belt on the widest hole to keep it oversized. It definitely looks wider, but when it hangs it has a nice laid back feel to it.

It can be worn with layers or by itself if you are like me and not very busty. haha
It gives a nice side boob thing if you dig that, and if not a really cute bandeau would look good.
When I bring the belt in it creates more of a halter top.
I love all the ways I can wear this one! I also love that it has slightly more of a punk look to it now, so as it shows wear it will just fit the aesthetic even more.

I hope you enjoyed this refashion!
And let me know if you have any questions or requests!

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