Friday, May 20, 2016

It's all in the Details - Vintage Refashion

The moment I saw this gal's collar I knew I couldn't pass it up. I snatched that baby up so fast you would think it was covered in Nutella. The fabric is lightweight and has just the right amount of flow, but that collar. Oh boy, that collar. Peter pan, scallops, and embroidery?! Seriously how...

Honestly this blouse could have probably been just fine the way it was, but who wants to wear long sleeves in the summer? Regardless of how breezy the fabric is.. Plus, those sleeves made it more dated (and not in the good way) than I would like.

Run down:
  • Carefully measured and cut the sweet sleeves at an angle
  • Sewed a new rolled shirt hem to finish off the sleeves.
Bam! That's it! If you've been following me you might remember when I said I have a bad habit of picking things that need an insane amount of work. This was another piece that helped me remember that the sourcing is part of the hard work!

She's up in the shop! Riiiiiiiight over there ---------->

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