Sunday, May 1, 2016

From Dress to Skirt

I bought this dress in the children's department over a year ago and have only worn it once because although I loved the skirt so much, the top just wasn't flattering. Instead of selling or donating it, I decided to turn it into a skirt! Below is the before and after.

Run down of how it went down:

•seam ripped the zipper out
•cut the knit top from the skirt 
•blind hem stitched the knit to the serged hem
•sewed snaps to the binding for closure 


And actually throw in a couple more steps where I tried different machine stitches to make the new waistband and horribly failed. We all know knit stretches right? Well just remember that when you're trying to machine sew it to something that is not knit. :/ Just learn from my mistakes and hand sew it the first go around. 

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